Each of you is hereby notified that _____________________________ who was the sole occupant and tenant of the dwelling unit located at ________________________________________, died on approximately __________________.

Pursuant to RCW 59.18.595, you are advised that the monthly rent of $_________for the dwelling unit is paid through _________________. The tenancy for the dwelling unit will end on ____________________ unless a tenant’s representative makes arrangements with the landlord prior to that date and pays additional rent in advance for no more than 60 days from the date of resident’s death to allow for a tenant’s representative to arrange for orderly removal of the tenant’s property, in which case the tenancy will end at the end of such additional time for which rent has been paid.

Failure to remove the resident’s property from the dwelling unit by either ___________________, or the date through which additional rent is paid will result in the landlord entering the premises, taking possession of any property found on the premises and storing it in a reasonably secure place.

If the property is stored, the landlord shall charge the actual or reasonable moving and storage costs (whichever is less).

The landlord shall after service of a second notice sell or dispose of the property as provided in subsection (3) of RCW 59.18.595, a copy of which is attached.

This notice is being mailed or personally delivered to the following, as applicable:

Tenant’s known personal representative _________________________________

Tenant’s known designated person _________________________________

Emergency contact identified by the tenant on the rental application; ________________________

Known person reasonably believed to be a successor of the tenant as defined in RCW 11.62.005 ________________________________

The deceased tenant at the address of the dwelling unit

If the landlord knows of any address used for the receipt of electronic communications, the landlord shall email the notice to that address as well.

A copy of any designation executed by the tenant pursuant to RCW 59.18.590 is also attached.

Signed:________________________, Landlord

(The above should not be construed as specific legal advice and is intended for general information purposes only)